Illustration of a woman surrounded my a magical haze of blue

V.A. Doll’s ‘Exhale’

‘Exhale’ by V.A. Doll Exhale is a webcomic about family, loss, responsibility, and magic. Alex has just lost her mother at the young age of 22. With that loss, Alex …    More
A man with red eyes points a gun at the viewer

Andrew Taylor’s (‘20) ‘Spellslinger’

Spellslinger is the story of a powerful and influential old wizard/sheriff finally being held accountable for his corrupt ways when he crosses paths with the new generation of rookies that …    More
Illustration of Robespierre in front of the guillotine

Ian Gabriel’s ‘Supreme Beings’

Ian Gabriel (’20) has just released his thesis story! It’s a fantastic look at revolution through the eyes of Maximilien Robespierre. It’s Paris, France; 1791, the eve of the Champ …    More
Cover to 'Becca Blooms' comic with Becca looking sad and unsure as she sits at a desk in her classroom

Nada Mohammed’s (’20) ‘Becca Blooms’

Nada Mohammed’s (’20) heartwarming and brilliantly crafted thesis story, ‘Becca Blooms’ is ready to go! We’re so excited for Nada and can’t wait to see where this story takes her …    More
Sketchy illustrations of two figures with light brown skin and dark hair.

Monster Sibling Rivalry by Anjelika Vayas

Monster Sibling Rivalry by Anjelika Vayas is an epic tale that has to be read to be believed. The Digital Short Story premiered at DSS 2018. Monster Sibling Rivalry: The …    More