A vast alien landscape with a spaceship on one end, a house on the other, and a woman in a blue dress walking between them.

Marissa Jones’ ‘The Space Nomad’

‘The Space Nomad’ by Marissa Jones (’20) After her civilization collapses into decay, a scrappy but engineering nomad wanders empty planets in a clunky spaceship that is now her home. Each …    More
A two panel comic of Stella trying to get the teacher's attention.

Pilar Newton-Katz (‘20) takes over!

Pilar Newton-Katz will take over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today. Follow her on Instagram @snozzlewinksworld to get peeks at her thesis story. What’s it about? Stella is a girl that …    More
Photograph of Nada Mohammed posing with a stuffed Pikachu.

Nada Mohammed (’20) takes over!

We’re proud to have Nada Mohammed (’20) kick off our Spring Takeovers! She’ll be showing us snippets of her thesis, ‘Becca Blooms’. The story: After years of dealing with bullies …    More
Photograph of an in progress drawing of a city.

Interview with Ana Lozada, creator of ‘Failed State’

Ana Lozada (MFA Visual Narrative, Class of 2019) is a Venezuelan illustrator, designer and visual storyteller originally based in Osaka. Due to her diverse international experience, her influences range from …    More
A white man with glasses smiling.

‘And Then…’ 2018: The people!

We’ve seen peeks at the show’s installations but now let’s remember the people who attended our annual thesis show. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the storytelling, the …    More
Photograph of a yellow jacket

‘Coupling’ by Shannon O’Halloran

“Coupling” is a 103 page book of personal text and photos by Shannon O’Halloran (Class of 2018). It explores intimacy within a modern artistic relationship. Limited Edition of 25 signed …    More
Several figures all working in a studio.

Journey to ‘And Then…’ 2018

It’s been one hell of a trip, but the annual thesis show for MFA Visual Narrative’s Class of 2018 is here! Let’s check out some moments that really capture the …    More

Thomas Slattery’s ‘Aura’ will freak you out

Aura is an immersive storytelling experience, told through items and sounds in the environment. Rooms will be created virtually in Unity, allowing exploration in a virtual space. 2026. In New …    More

Jon Bero presents ‘Yuki’

There is beauty in the broken, but Yuki, a deer plagued by anxiety, isn’t able to see it. As a result of a misguided attempt by his closest companion Michi …    More

Alexandra Beguez presents ‘The Offering’

The Offering is a cautionary tale about how relationships change over time, facing the consequences of your actions, and finding your place in the universe. Maite lives on Talus, the …    More

Masami Kiyono presents ‘Happa’

Mako is an ambitious half-Japanese half-white New York college student with the annoying ability to see spirits wherever she goes. This power becomes debilitating when she starts fighting with her …    More

MFAVN Thesis Presentations, July 19th at 6pm

Please join the MFA Visual Narrative program as our thesis students proudly present their eight cutting-edge multi-media storytelling thesis installations. The projects in the exhibition, “And Then”, reflect the uniquely …    More

2016 MFA Thesis Exhibit

  RSVP for free tickets to the reception here Join us for the next showcase of our third year students. We’ll see work by Alexandra Beguez, Jon Bero, Anelisa Garfunkel, Barbara …    More

The Visual Narrative Thesis Projects: Jenny Goldstick

Jenny Goldstick has impressed students and faculty alike with her perspective on the world, and her ability to visualize that perspective with her work. From her fantastic Sketchbook Notes, to …    More
Anna Eveslage photographer storyteller

MFAVN talks to photographer (and alum) Anna Eveslage

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Anna Eveslage to talk about photography, constructed visual narrative and her thesis project, Eating Alone. In the podcast we discuss one piece …    More
Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden

Our inaugural class! Looking back (Part 1)

We’ll be doing some reflection in the coming weeks as our inaugural class, the class of 2015, finish their theses. I’m a sentimental guy, so I spent an hour browsing through …    More

And Then: The 2015 MFAVN Thesis Show

After three years of inspirational, consistently fantastic and grueling work, our first graduating class is ready to tell their stories. It was all worth it. Check it out… The Class …    More

Spilt Milk: a thesis presentation by Nadia DeLane

Spilt Milk BY Nadia DeLane Please join us for a special gallery presentation by Nadia DeLane, the creator of Spilt Milk . The event takes place at 7pm on July 21st at the …    More