Pilar Newton-Katz Snozzlewinks

Pilar Newton-Katz’s ‘Snozzwinkle’

Snozzlewinks by Pilar Newton-Katz Twelve year old Stella loves to draw crazy creatures in her nifty sketchbook and goes everywhere with her bestfriend, Sam the iguana. When they are chased …    More
Goliath the red Butterfly with black and yellow wings says I LOVE DIRT

Perri Greeley’s ‘Goliath’

Goliath is a young graphic novel about a butterfly who just doesn’t fit in. If you want to learn more about Goliath’s adventures, click here! I created this book for my MFA …    More

Walter Tyler presents ‘The New Barn’

The New Barn is a children’s book and interactive website that tells the story of a 19th-century barn raising from the perspective of the farmer’s seven-year-old son. In an age …    More