Colorful illustration of a man with a high pompadour eating noodles, surrounded by different weapons pointing at him.

Get your portfolio reviewed by Nathan Fox on 10/31

MFAVN Chair, Nathan Fox is ready to review your work at this year’s National Graduate Portfolio Day events! MFA Visual Narrative is the first and only “Story First” low-residency MFA …    More
A haunting image of a woman's face in an animated mist with the title Gemina Umbra.

‘Gemina Umbra’ by Amanda Sartor (’20)

‘Gemina Umbra’ by Amanda Sartor (’20) THE SPIRITS ARE WATCHING Zoe Thicket is a spiritualist medium that communes with the dead. From the perspective of her spirit guide, a taciturn …    More
Illustration of Robespierre in front of the guillotine

Ian Gabriel’s ‘Supreme Beings’

Ian Gabriel (’20) has just released his thesis story! It’s a fantastic look at revolution through the eyes of Maximilien Robespierre. It’s Paris, France; 1791, the eve of the Champ …    More
Black images of a bottle, a sports fan #1 hand, a sherrif's star on yellow background

Welcome to the 2020 Digital Short Story show!

Enjoy the stories! Curators’ Statement: From animation and interactive apps to comics and picture books, the digital short stories and their accompanying physical artwork are the culmination of the 2nd …    More
Illustration for SPX 2019, two figures centered amongst trees and foliage, one figure with brown skin, brown hair and a red sweater lays down with a book and a white cat on their chest, the other figure is Black with natural hair, glasses, and a red grid scarf, drawing panels in a notebook.

Join us at SPX 2019!

We’ll be at Table N8 for SPX this year! Come say hi to students, alumni, and faculty anytime. We’ll have our work on display and would love to see what …    More
Illustration of a black panther sitting between two ornate chairs against a pink and yellow background.

Public-Eye Alumni: Louisa Bertman (Class of 2015)

Louisa Bertman is currently working on a game that will be part of a larger exhibition, “Rightfully Hers” for the National Archives in Washington DC, an interactive experience about Women’s …    More
Photograph of an in progress drawing of a city.

Interview with Ana Lozada, creator of ‘Failed State’

Ana Lozada (MFA Visual Narrative, Class of 2019) is a Venezuelan illustrator, designer and visual storyteller originally based in Osaka. Due to her diverse international experience, her influences range from …    More
Abstracted image of colorful faces made from shapes.

CLASS: RISO Printing: Zines and Small Publishing

The past few years have seen an explosion of zines and small publishing among artists, designers and photographers. Even the most digitally based creative professionals are embracing the zine as …    More

Bruja, by Michelle Nahmad

Michelle’s Artist Talk, July 18th, 6pm at 209 E. 23rd St Come to the closing reception on July 21st, same time and place! Bruja is the thesis story by Michelle …    More

Embracing the Mess by MFAVN’s Liz Enright

Last Fall, if asked about how my thesis project was going, my mouth would have landed somewhere between a grimace and a smile. The thesis committee had given my pitch …    More
Warren Link sketch of Nathan Fox

Warren Lin sketches The Boss (MFAVN boss, in this case)

MFAVN’s Chair, Nathan Fox, recently spoke at MICA, where illustrator Warren Lin took some sketch notes. Warren definitely captures something about Nathan. An energy, maybe. Hard to pinpoint it. But …    More

Pepo Pérez talks to us about story

We were delighted to discuss story with cartoonist, illustrator and MFA Visual Narrative International Scholar Pepo Pérez. He spoke about his work and process and discussed the making of his …    More

Alison Paul and students mural up UConn

Alison Paul, Class of 2015, was a fantastic student who happens to also be an excellent teacher! Here’s a video showing off one of her class projects at UConn. From …    More

Louisa Bertman on ‘Permission to Fail’

We were delighted to hear that some MFAVN family have work included in the Mount Ida College gallery show titled Permission to Fail. “Permission to fail” is a refrain that …    More