Beloved Beatrice by Freya von Mizener

Beloved Beatrice by Freya von Mizener is a Digital Short Story worth playing! The narrative game is a fascinating, creepy, sad experience. The story: To Beatrice, there’s no sign of …    More

Building Interactive Worlds Across Media with Matthew Weise

Interactivity has become a large part of the storyteller’s toolbox. Whether through immersive virtual worlds, video games, non-digital board games or participatory theater, storytellers need to know how the settings, …    More

How much fun did we have at PlayNYC?

This much! All images taken at Death by Audio Arcade who make game cabinets! PlayNYC was a blast! We can’t wait to go back next year. Check out all of …    More

Jenny Bee’s ‘Equivoque’ #DSS2017

Get your free tickets to the Digital Short Story 2017 reception at SVA! Jenny Bee has a great story to tell and she’s telling it in an interactive way. (Head …    More

Thomas Slattery’s ‘Aura’ will freak you out

Aura is an immersive storytelling experience, told through items and sounds in the environment. Rooms will be created virtually in Unity, allowing exploration in a virtual space. 2026. In New …    More
Jenny Goldstick Sketchnotes

Indiecade: Sketchnotes by Jenny Goldstick

Jenny Goldstick, our sketchnote reporter-at-large, attended Indiecade, an event dedicated to celebrating independent games. She came back with amazing insights into gaming, comics and interactive storytelling. From Sequential to Interactive: Visual …    More