Film poster for 'I Am Roby' with a population sign against a backdrop of a Texan sunset

Dan Streety’s (’20) thesis story, ‘The Roby Project’

Production Vlog: My hometown is dying.  At the crossroads of somewhere and nowhere, is a tiny, little town called Roby. Most people pass through Roby going somewhere else. It …    More
Black and white photograph of two figures kissing, silhouetted by the light from the window behind them.

WATCH: One Minute Mood | A student story challenge

In this project, students were challenged to employ filmic devices learned in an intensive week-long video visual storytelling workshop to create a piece that communicates a specific tone or mood …    More

Building Interactive Worlds Across Media with Matthew Weise

Interactivity has become a large part of the storyteller’s toolbox. Whether through immersive virtual worlds, video games, non-digital board games or participatory theater, storytellers need to know how the settings, …    More