Pilar Newton-Katz Snozzlewinks

Pilar Newton-Katz’s ‘Snozzwinkle’

Snozzlewinks by Pilar Newton-Katz Twelve year old Stella loves to draw crazy creatures in her nifty sketchbook and goes everywhere with her bestfriend, Sam the iguana. When they are chased …    More
A man with red eyes points a gun at the viewer

Andrew Taylor’s (‘20) ‘Spellslinger’

Spellslinger is the story of a powerful and influential old wizard/sheriff finally being held accountable for his corrupt ways when he crosses paths with the new generation of rookies that …    More
Illustration of Robespierre in front of the guillotine

Ian Gabriel’s ‘Supreme Beings’

Ian Gabriel (’20) has just released his thesis story! It’s a fantastic look at revolution through the eyes of Maximilien Robespierre. It’s Paris, France; 1791, the eve of the Champ …    More
Black images of a bottle, a sports fan #1 hand, a sherrif's star on yellow background

Welcome to the 2020 Digital Short Story show!

Enjoy the stories! Curators’ Statement: From animation and interactive apps to comics and picture books, the digital short stories and their accompanying physical artwork are the culmination of the 2nd …    More
Black and white illustration of a hand holding a gun, a word balloon above contains "The rules of life are simple, son."

Andrew Taylor (‘20) presents ‘Spellslinger’

Andrew Taylor (‘20) will takeover our social media channels all day today to show us peeks at ‘Spellslinger.’ Spellslinger is the story of a powerful and influential old wizard/sheriff finally …    More
A two panel comic of Stella trying to get the teacher's attention.

Pilar Newton-Katz (‘20) takes over!

Pilar Newton-Katz will take over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today. Follow her on Instagram @snozzlewinksworld to get peeks at her thesis story. What’s it about? Stella is a girl that …    More
Illustration of a purple hairy spider with facial hair and long lashes on all four eyes, surrounded by dirt or crumbs.

George Cathcart’s Misbelief is ‘Friends’

George Cathcart’s ‘Friends’ is part of the Class of 2021’s collection of misbeliefs.   “As a child, I had a misbelief in which I thought all animals were friends. After …    More
Ink illustration of the front of a house with a porch, black railing, and bushes and foliage in front.

Andrew Taylor’s “With Mary Gone”

“With Mary Gone” is a true story about my family’s struggle to feel at home while dealing with the ever-present threat of a violent and unpredictable neighbor. Andrew is a …    More

EVENT: Print Slam 8. Let us know you’ll be there!

Come out to the SVA RisoLAB for our eighth end of semester Print Slam!! Books, prints, zines, posters, and printed matter of all kinds made by our Continuing Education, Undergrad …    More
Illustration of pink dogs with human like figures reading green zines all crammed together.

SPX Bethesda is this weekend. Meet us there!

SPX Bethesda is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday! MFA Visual Narrative’s family is all over the honkin’ place, so be sure to swing by the tables and see what everyone …    More

Embracing the Mess by MFAVN’s Liz Enright

Last Fall, if asked about how my thesis project was going, my mouth would have landed somewhere between a grimace and a smile. The thesis committee had given my pitch …    More

Barbara Geoghegan presents ‘Rona’

Rona is a selkie, a young woman who can turn into a seal. Lonely and isolated within her own selkie pod, Rona grows interested in a nearby island inhabited by …    More

Presenting the Sweaty Palms comic anthology!

We’re so proud to support Liz Enright, MFAVN student, on her latest publication, Sweaty Palms! She and her partner-in-comics Sage Cofey are gathering some of the brightest talent in comics in …    More

The best comic books of 2015

2015 has been another great year for comic books. The art form itself continued to rule much of our cultural discourse as movies, TV and games flooded our lives. But …    More

SPX 2015 is MFAVN-heavy!

Be sure to swing by SPX 2105 Table F2 and say hi to Feifei Ruan, Jenny Goldstick, Ryan Weber, Craig Coss, Alexandra Beguez and Masami Kiyono! They’ll have their latest projects on hand and we …    More
Benjamin Marra

MFAVN Podcast: Benjamin Marra

“I’d like every panel of my comic books to change the story,” Benjamin Marra (Blades & Lazers) tells us. Reading Marra’s comics is like being swept down a water slide. …    More