Digital short stories

From animation and interactive apps to comics and picture books, the digital short stories and their accompanying physical artwork are the culmination of the students’ work in visualizing narratives that showcase their wide array of talents and distinct authorial voices.

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The Brain Room

Porad Gasan-zade

Our Stories

01 Fostering Apocalypse

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Fostering Apocalypse

by Steff Bradley

DEL lost everything. She’s stilted, worn down, and accustomed to violence. But BARRETT, a demon child, reminds her of her past and joins her on a post-apocalyptic journey.

02 Sitting Under the Leaves: P

View Story: Sitting Under the Leaves: P

Sitting Under the Leaves: P

by Binhua Chen

Pei, who suffered from domestic violence, is eager to be accepted and has been trapped on campus with other students and the school doctor, Dr. Li, after a global earthquake caused by an alien craft.

03 The Blue Knight

View Story: The Blue Knight

The Blue Knight

by Morgan Kendric Sawyer

The Blue Knight is a fantastic reimagining of the struggles you face when dealing with depression. We follow the Knight on his journey where he is faced with an insurmountable foe.




by Nicholas Rampasaud

After gaining the ability to manifest his drawings into reality, a doodle Jeremy passively draws of himself comes to life. Cranky (the doodle) won't let him leave the house before finishing his work.

05 Have You Seen Poodya?

View Story: Have You Seen Poodya?

Have You Seen Poodya?

by Yulia Ruditskaya

Poodya the poodle gets lost in New York City. Help the desperate owner find Poodya!

06 Syren’s Song

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Syren’s Song

by Oret Peña

Syren, a mermaid more creature than human, escapes The Baron’s freakshow with the aid of a curious boy. She returns home beneath the ocean waves. The Baron learns just how creature-like she can be.

07 The Avon Lady

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The Avon Lady

by Laura Brown

Meet Brenda, middle sister of three, who just wants everyone to admit how crappy life is (though she secretly longs for life to be happy and good).

08 The Brain Room

View Story: The Brain Room

The Brain Room

by Porad Gasan-zade

There is a gremlin in your brain right now that's chewing at your thoughts. Intensifying and worsening your anxieties, heightening your traumas.