Digital short stories

From animation and interactive apps to comics and picture books, the digital short stories and their accompanying physical artwork are the culmination of the students’ work in visualizing narratives that showcase their wide array of talents and distinct authorial voices.

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Our Stories

01 The Journals of T.I.M.E.

View Story: The Journals of T.I.M.E.

The Journals of T.I.M.E.

by Dan Streety

Tom Masterson avoided anything to do with his family heritage because his family had nothing to do with him. Until a mysterious package arrives on his doorstep with his full name on it.

02 Night is Here

View Story: Night is Here

Night is Here

by V.A. Doll

Night Is Here is a poetry comic about the experience of depression through the character Dollface and her journey through the night.

03 Timya’s Glacier: Song of the Snoz Crabs

View Story: Timya’s Glacier: Song of the Snoz Crabs

Timya’s Glacier: Song of the Snoz Crabs

by Pilar Newton-Katz

When Timya overhears a crafty Captain named Bobbin Bill “Squiggy Beak” Sam the 3rd (Sam for short..Arggh!) say that he will capture all of the rare whistling Snoz-Crabs it’s a race against time.

04 Hope’s Brain Feels Sad

View Story: Hope’s Brain Feels Sad

Hope’s Brain Feels Sad

by Perri Greeley

Hope is a 7-year-old who misses her grandma and can’t figure out how to stop her brain from feeling sad.

05 J.W. does ART

View Story: J.W. does ART

J.W. does ART

by Nada Mohammed

Jake Wright is excited to be starting his first semester of art school, until it proves to be more difficult than he’d been expecting.

06 Beneath the Eclipse

View Story: Beneath the Eclipse

Beneath the Eclipse

by Marissa Jones

Ella feels responsible for her Mother’s death and is given no comfort from her grieving Father. When her village’s Sun is eclipsed and thrown into darkness, a trail of glowing flowers appears.

07 Unknown Bodies

View Story: Unknown Bodies

Unknown Bodies

by Ian Gabriel

In a distant and bizarre future, Doh-Rahi Redd is the first human in Coalition history to wear a peace officer badge. She may be the last too if she can’t solve a murder a millennium in the making.

08 Bad Kitty

View Story: Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty

by Carol Silverman

Lolly is a tiny Windsor chair with a personality. One day, as Lolly is considering questions about Love, what it is and what it feels like, a Monster visits the playroom strewing chaos in its wake.

09 Prelude to Color

View Story: Prelude to Color

Prelude to Color

by Alana Corwin

Taken back to a time when the earth was still forming, we meet Light and Darkness who illuminate and bring shadow to the world.

010 The Weathering

View Story: The Weathering

The Weathering

by Eva Hall

The Weathering is an interactive, web-based narrative film about a woman who, after the death of her husband, obsesses over finding his spirit and connecting with him in the afterlife.

011 Stumble On or Begin Again

View Story: Stumble On or Begin Again

Stumble On or Begin Again

by Amanda M Sartor

012 Caina – A Puritan Nightmare

View Story: Caina – A Puritan Nightmare

Caina – A Puritan Nightmare

by Michael Sheinkopf

A brutal winter has decimated a 17th Century New England plantation. Faced with tragedy and starvation, a man must overcome his guilt in order to stop his brother from committing an irredeemable act.

013 Ornithology for Artists

View Story: Ornithology for Artists

Ornithology for Artists

by Susanne Reece

A chance encounter with a starling leads to a meditation in words and images on pushing past fear and self-doubt as an artist.

014 With Mary Gone

View Story: With Mary Gone

With Mary Gone

by Andrew Taylor

'With Mary Gone' is a true story about my family’s struggle to feel at home while dealing with the ever present threat of a violent and unpredictable neighbor.

015 Nora

View Story: Nora


by Luz Rodriguez Dager

A little girl finds an antique necklace in the house where she and her mother recently moved. Inside the necklace lives the ghost of a young woman killed years ago.

016 Searching for Shelly

View Story: Searching for Shelly

Searching for Shelly

by Sarah Shaw

“Searching for Shelly” is a multimedia narrative featuring a man named Jay on a quest to find his missing girlfriend in Nepal.