Ana Lozada Failed State, scan of an open notebook, the first page includes drawings of multiple figures in various poses against a yellow background and some text.

Failed State

How does Venezuela, a country with such riches, end up in ruin? What does it feel like to watch it decay from the inside? Failed State, a fictional narrative journal, …    More
Photo by Bridget Badore, a display of shells with different colored paints in each one, next to light skinned hands holding an open comic book depicting characters with a large orange cat.

Ode to Orleans

Ode to Orleans questions what it means to be strong, specifically the different kinds of being strong. It can be hard to value your own strengths and recognise them for …    More
A two panel comic of Stella trying to get the teacher's attention.


Snozzlewinks! is about Stella, a 12-year-old girl who loves to draw her whimsical creature creations. She goes everywhere with her best friend, a talking iguana named Sam.