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A bearded man sits in a car eating and watching someone outside.


Eating Alone:¬†As social creatures, food is something we generally share with friends or family. There are many aspects of our culture that are entirely designed around the sharing of food. […]


Journal No. 034: Within the pages of Journal No. 034 is captured a yearning for an analog romance in the digital age, a questioning of the world around us, and […]
A City of Ladies poster

A City of Ladies

No mother can be all things to a child. When that child grows up wanting to be an artist, she may need creative mothers to help her along the way. […]
Film poster for 'I Am Roby' with a population sign against a backdrop of a Texan sunset

I Am Roby

My hometown is dying. At the crossroads of somewhere and nowhere is a tiny, little town called Roby.