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When Esther, a spirited young girl from a small Jewish neighborhood, gets labeled a witch in taunts from her Catholic school classmates, she embraces being one. Despite the further scrutiny […]
A haunting image of a woman's face in an animated mist with the title Gemina Umbra.

Gemina Umbra

Gemina Umbra is a point-and-click interactive haunting about internal conflict and becoming your own worst enemy.
A triptych of photos in a horizontal position show the hair, nose and eyes, and chin of three women together as one face.


Belongings is an immersive memory box that uses the medium of virtual reality to bring an embodied immediacy to one woman’s life story.

Spice of Life

Welcome to the future, the very near future where robots are used in abundance but are still mistrusted and largely treated like we treat robots now. Unit 25 just wants […]