Featured Work

A page from teen Spirit where a character walks through the forest

Teen Spirit

A coming-of-age supernatural adventure about three teens: Lily, a budding medium, Hana, an exorcist-in-training, and Gabe, a ghost!
A man is underwater looking up at the bottom of a boat floating above him.


SASHIMI: One day, in a small fishing village, a strange plague strikes. Many seagulls die mysteriously and the villagers don’t understand why. A young sashimi chef believes the matter is […]
A vast alien landscape with a spaceship on one end, a house on the other, and a woman in a blue dress walking between them.

The Space Nomad

After her civilization collapses into decay, a lonely but persevering nomad wanders empty planets in a clunky spaceship that she has reluctantly made her new home.
A two panel comic of Stella trying to get the teacher's attention.


Snozzlewinks! is about Stella, a 12-year-old girl who loves to draw her whimsical creature creations. She goes everywhere with her best friend, a talking iguana named Sam.