Featured Work

Illustration of man saying "Want to beat up some men?"

One Eight Hundred Ghosts

One Eight Hundred Ghosts is a graphic novella about the internal and external conflicts of a team of art thieves.
Black and white illustration of a woman's profile as she walks through a city, the lit windows of many apartments in the distance, and a cloudy sky above.

Shadows Become You

Lily is a traumatized, alienated young woman who works the late shift at a bar in a rotting, post-industrial city. She and her two coworkers are strixes—creatures who transform into …    More
Photo by Bridget Badore, a display of shells with different colored paints in each one, next to light skinned hands holding an open comic book depicting characters with a large orange cat.

Ode to Orleans

Ode to Orleans questions what it means to be strong, specifically the different kinds of being strong. It can be hard to value your own strengths and recognise them for …    More
Photo of a white man in a denim jacket and an Asian woman with glasses, a yellow dress and red jacket with their heads pressed together.

Negative Space

Brenna and Reed are two art students that view media in vastly different ways. Brenna is extremely critical, wanting perfection in everything, whereas Reed prefers to give media a pass, …    More