Featured Work

Illustration of man saying "Want to beat up some men?"

One Eight Hundred Ghosts

One Eight Hundred Ghosts is a graphic novella about the internal and external conflicts of a team of art thieves.
A green skinned character in a pink t-shirt steps in bubble gum and tries to lift up their sneaker.

Blitzar Park

A local theme park that moonlights as a hidden base for a migrant alien species is under threat.
The ilustrated cover to 'Smooch, Smack, Mwah' the thesis children's book shows a girl in a football helmet with a hole cut out for her pony tail. She smiles at us ans a cute dog is about to lick her face.

Smooch, Smack, Mwah!

When a kiss-averse 8-year-old girl moves to Luxembourg—one of the kissiest places in the world—she does everything she can to avoid the local custom.
A beautiful illustration by Sydney Chavan in white, pink and black of birds surrounded by whsipy clouds and a star-filled night sky.

Dead Girl Dreams

Dead Girl Dreams tells the story of timid teenager, Codi Crane, who is being plagued by strange visions while she sleeps. On the eve of Codi’s eighteenth birthday, her ex-best-friend, […]