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Illustration of a man with light skin and dark hair crying over a small cup, next to a bottle of liquor and a bowl of food and chopsticks.

Dr.Nam’s Phobia Clinic

With the latest Subconscious Realization technology from Dr. Nam’s Phobia Clinic, you can enter the subconscious realm and defeat your deepest, darkest fears. More
Maggie Vicknair

The Last Child of Hamelin

Ten years ago, all the children of Hamelin were stolen by The Piper - all except for Liesel. Now a lonely teenager, Liesel jumps at the chance to befriend the mysterious new girl in town... More
Photograph of a pale sculpted figure in a brown hood next to some foliage.

The Weathering

The Weathering is an interactive, web-based narrative film about a woman who, after the death of her husband, obsesses over finding his spirit and connecting with him in the afterlife. More

Death By Comics

In 1979 talented comic book artist Rocco Versace murdered his writing partner and editor. Almost forty years later those who knew him best still struggle to come to terms with his legacy. More