Dylan Meconis


Dylan Meconis (she/they) is a cartoonist, author, designer and educator. Dylan is the Eisner award-nominated creator of many graphic novels for children and adults, including Bite Me! a vampire farce, Family Man, The Long Con (with Ben Coleman and E.A. Denich), and Queen of the Sea, and the illustrator for the first three volumes of Kate Messner’s History Smashers educational series. She’s a longstanding member of Helioscope, the largest working collective of comics creators in North America. Dylan lives in Portland, Oregon, and online at dylanmeconis.com.

Dylan mentored Maggie Vicknair (’21) and Basya Goldstein (’23).

  • Queen of the Sea cover

    Queen of the Sea

    Queen of the Sea, 2019 (Walker Books US/Candlewick) is an immersive, format-breaking graphic novel for middle grade readers.

  • The Long Con, 2019 (Oni Press)

    The Long Con

    The Long Con, 2019 (Oni Press). What happens when the world ends…but the comic-con keeps going? A screwball black comedy about fandom, human resilience, and radioactive mutant lobsters.

  • Outfoxed


    Outfoxed, 2012 is a single-issue short story about a chance meeting between a lonely laundress, a frightened fox, and the dangers of getting what you wish for.