Black and white bio pic of Paris Jerome '25

Paris Jerome

Illustrator & Writer

Paris Jerome is an NYC based digital illustrator, writer, and music nut with an obsession to psychological horror, contemporary romance and supernatural internet stories, a chaotic triad of interests.

Graduating with a BFA at Brooklyn College in 2023 they have developed an arrangement of original stories to be adapted as graphic novels, comics and other forms of visual media. From a love between a glamorous vampire and a spunky skateboarder to an adventure with a spiritual supernatural hunter and a wayward skeptic, the concept of relationships in character development can’t be missed in her writing style.

Romance and the way it can sprout in unlikely circumstances is what drives her work along with narrative ways to convey emotions of isolation, fear, self actualization or contentment. Pairing that with an interest in soundtracks that can be placed throughout a character’s life, providing more information to the personality of an individual person or an environment in itself is one of the many things Paris enjoys incorporating in her work. The study of human emotion and the development of relationships through a series of events is a focus that she is highly interested in when it pertains to artistic expression.

  • pjerome_SU22_Winona-Design

    Winona Design

    A character design I dabbled with on trying the gauge Winona’s look and symbols of her personality.

  • pjerome_SU22_Ximena-Wakeup

    Ximena Wakeup

    From a scrapped story of mine called Ximena about a girl whose mothers ability to see horrific hallucinations that resemble oneself transfers onto Ximena when the mother unexpectedly passes. Ximena is then left alone in trying to find out how to stop the hallucinations from occurring and conquer this matriarchal curse.

  • pjerome_SU22_Jackal_s-Hunt

    Jackal's Hunt

    Concept illustration of Jackal in battle with a cryptid terrorizing the town nearby.

  • pjerome_SU22_Dawn-At-The-Window_

    Knock at the Window

    A horror themed illustration from my story Kimdracula. Dawn, the second main character, is a 200 year old vampire that develops an unexpected intimate relationship with a human named Kim during her years of solitude in Seattle.

    This is a horror concept illustration and does not reflect how Dawn actually is in the story although vampires are terrifying concepts in actuality.

  • pjerome_SU22_Rosemary-Main-Characters

    Rosemary Main Characters

    From my first story ever conceptualized called Rosemary displaying the 3 central characters.

    Set in the late 90’s-2010’s Rosemary a teenager from NYC unexpectedly moves with her family to suburban New Jersey. Developing relationships with the people in town during the beginning of the nu-metal and alternative scene.