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Roger Zheng


Hi! My name is Roger Zheng, and I recently graduated with a BFA in graphic design with a minor in business. Ever since I was a boy, I’ve had a love for illustration and design. I was lucky to have supportive parents who encouraged me to develop my skills and pursue my dreams. While my main expertise is illustration, I have experience in website design, logo design, and book design as well. I tend to enjoy classical and traditional styles, preferring serif fonts over sans-serifs, which may also blend into my love of history and fantasy. I am also a huge fan of comic books, and greatly enjoy reading them as well as writing and drawing them in my spare time. I’ve learned that my true passion in life is to create these stories and share them with the world. My favorite genre of storytelling would be fantasy, and I like stories that focus on morality and skirt the lines of right and wrong.

  • rzheng4_SU22_Wereteddy


    A work created from steel wire, wood, foam, and cloth. This mean giant teddy bear stands around 4-5 feet tall, and was made from recycled materials (apart from the outside fur, which I bought.). 

  • rzheng4_SU22_The-Legend-of-Caenis

    The Legend of Caenis

    This piece was my final senior capstone project. It tackled how women are viewed in fantasy and certain stereotypes and tropes they are given. The work was concept art for a reimagined version of the Greek myth of Caenis, and this was the cover art I designed for it. There are a few other illustrations as well, such as an illustration of the protagonist surfing and one of her fighting the monster Charybdis.

  • rzheng4_SU22_Rage


    This was an assignment given by one of my professors to take a Bauhaus poster and rearrange the geometric shapes into something new. The piece ended up being a little political, but I really like the way it turned out nonetheless. I didn’t want to just reform the original poster into a cacophony of random shapes.

  • rzheng4_SU22_Gold-and-Glory

    Gold and Glory

    This was done for a Webtoon project I’m working on. It’s a passion project that I’ve been making progress in since high school. The story is about a character who was raised in a prison-like environment who must adjust to regular society. It deals with politics and morals in a fantasy setting.

  • rzheng4_SU22_A-Clash-of-Cultures

    A Clash of Cultures

    This was a work made using ink on a long strip of paper. Initially, I just thought that I wanted to draw a war scene, but I was really interested in medieval armor as well as viking aesthetics and couldn’t pick out which to choose. I ended up not being able to decide and drew a battle between vikings and knights. The piece ended up being very chaotic.