Bio pic of Men Yang '25 sitting at a table with his hands clasped together covering part of his face.

Meng Yang


Meng Yang was born in March 1997 in China. He calls himself a creator wanna-be (he’ll tell you when he truly becomes one). He graduated BFA in Communication College of China Nanjing, 2019, majoring in Digital Media. Meng is highly addicted to hand drawing & inking techniques, mostly self-taught. Cut open his vein and he would use the fluid to paint. Meng worked as a log keeper for a documentary, a video editor for government advertising, and a TV co-screenwriter.

“Thousands of days of practice were only forging the tool, ten thousand days of practice then you can use the tool.” Miyamoto Musashi, an ancient Japanese swordsman said that once. Yang is still forging, maybe throughout all his life.

  • myang27_SU22_Inmate-Report-01

    Inmate Report 01

    I started this project with a third-person perspective, as an observer like any other viewer. So the author starts by interviewing an inmate, which is the main character in my story, General Kai, who is now anonymous. The author doesn’t know, the audience doesn’t know, but someone knows what happened that put two characters in this spot.

  • myang27_SU22_Inmate-Report-02

    Inmate Report 02

    Explaining the reason why. An unidentified creature, out of imagination, or anyone’s recognition of their world. A destiny-changing event, where the author is no longer a low-level hard worker anymore. The audience’s curiosity is synchronized with the authors, as the story goes.

  • myang27_SU22_Inmate-Report-03

    Inmate Report 03

    Chapter 2, the attitude changes, but everything has a prize. The author realizes he had become involved with something that he can’t get a hold of. But in the meantime he and the audience are getting information. Huge, life-changing information. At this point with the excitement of the process, we also empathize with the author: this is getting out of control.

  • myang27_SU22_Inmate-Report-04

    Inmate Report 04

    We dive head-first into the new situation. Whomever this general is, he’s something big. In this scene, I used the author’s perspective to help the audience get to know the character. I used a classic prisoner-visitor relationship that I adapted from ‘Silence of the Lambs’, where agent Starling first met Dr. Lector. The initiative that bounces between the two characters is the one key clue of the story. Why would a prince be willing to lower his level to visit an inmate? Why is the general not willing to get out of the bars when everything indicates that he can? Like when he squeezes those teeth into a Calcium crystal.

  • myang27_SU22_Inmate-Report-05

    Inmate Report 05

    In these two pages, the scene seems relatively finished. At the ending panel I gave a small glimpse of what the world has become in the story, indirectly explaining why these characters exist. Conflict, the chain of hatred, the injustice. I always believe in stories that derived from conflict, it’s the most extreme problem that any character has to face in story creation.