Illustrated bio pic of Emma Merrick

Mart Smooth


Mart Smooth was born in England but by 20 years old had lived in nine different countries and six US states. Her love of storytelling and art has found its way through illustration, animation, and writing. 

Mart graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 with a degree in film/animation/video. She has additionally studied at Brown University and Kyoto Seika University in Japan. She is also a former Intern at Nickelodeon on SpongeBob SquarePants. Post undergrad, she traveled around Europe as a commercial artist and most recently concluded four years as a teacher and freelance animator in Tokyo, Japan.

  • SVAemerrick1_SU22_clownwives

    Edutainment Clowns

    Educational clowns! The lady on the left teaches base 12 math, and her friend on the right teaches astrophysics (but she hasn’t updated her material since 2005) They do birthday parties, school events, and classroom visits.

  • SVAemerrick1_SU22_starsgossip

    The Stars Like to Gossip

     A Christmas card for a friend I lost touch with a long time ago. 

  • SVAemerrick1_SU22_mypants

    A Boy Finds His Stolen Pants

     I don’t think he’s getting them back… (proof of concept for an animated short)

  • SVAemerrick1_SU22_kidsthesedays

    Kids These Days

     Sometimes, as a kid, I’d get all twisted up! Happens even more now that I’m an adult. 

  • SVAemerrick1_SU22_humblestanding

    Humbly Standing in Front of You

    A self-portrait pleading with people to follow my Twitter in a confusing language. The motif of multiple limbs carries over in much of my art as a way of expressing overflowing energy and emotion. Multiple limbs are also helpful for striking a pose and covering naughty bits at the same time.