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Alex Rodriguez


I am an illustrator whose main objective is to make people laugh, usually through visual puns, juxtaposing images, unexpected situations, or over-dramatization of the mundane. I want to give people a respite, hopefully through a laugh but a chuckle or even a smile will do. The world can be harsh, so I like to add some humor to the everyday.

I have a knack for explaining complex stories in simple ways. I want people to share in my curiosity and excitement about the world around them! This can be from simple trivia facts to more complicated stories about real people or real events.

I also try to put in some of my daily experiences in all my work such as being a first-generation kid, growing up along the Texas/Mexico border, being Mexican and American, being bisexual, and my new Jewish faith. I love to blend all these identities together in my personal life. I want others to know that while sometimes it is difficult, it is not impossible to find your own balance and it is extremely rewarding.

I grew up in Texas and have lived in many different cities, such as L.A., Austin, Atlanta, and Baltimore, for now…

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