Bio pic of Andrew Kupferman

Andrew Kupferman


My name is Andrew Kupferman. I’m an aspiring animator from Queens, New York. I’ve also played drums for the majority of my life, and recently I have started home brewing hard cider. I obtained my undergraduate degree from Hofstra University with a major in Rhetorical Studies and Public Advocacy and a minor in Fine Art. 

My preferred style of art is cartooning. Ever since I got my first drawing tablet in high school, I have been creating digital cartoons and animations. Some of my major inspirations are Adventure Time, Castle in the Sky, and Yellow Submarine.

My primary goal is to develop a capability to competently create animated music videos, as well as gather the skills needed to serve as an asset on a creative team aiming to create a cartoon to air on network television. I hope to achieve all this and more at SVA, as well as make lifelong connections that can allow myself and others to launch our careers.

  • akupferman_SU23_FreaksPOSTER

    Freaks poster

    A poster for a show concept created in an SVA continuing education course using Photoshop, featuring six fictional characters.

  • akupferman_SU23_LostDOLL

    Lost Doll

    An abstract self portrait of a lost doll constructed in Photoshop during an undergraduate art class.

  • akupferman_SU23_MicrophoneWARRIOR

    Microphone Warrior

    A digital scene of a musical, fantasy warrior: sketched, lined, colored, and shaded in Photoshop.