Bio pic of Alex M. Lee taken from a low angle as she poses with her cat who is also seen from the low angle looking similar to her owner.

Alex M. Lee

Writer & Illustrator

ALEX M. LEE is writer, illustrator and theatremaker originally from Seoul, Korea, now based in Brooklyn, New York. She is a graduate of the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program from which she holds a BA in Theatre Arts and a BFA in Film/Animation/Video. As a creator, she is most excited by interactive storytelling, emergent narrative, and stories that make you feel like you’re having a private heart-to-heart with the artist in the corner booth in a bar. In most recent years, she has worked in various capacities behind the stage in the New York theatre scene, including as director, writer, dramaturg, stage manager, graphic designer, social media manager, translator, and on one momentous occasion many years ago, a banana. Her favorite emotion is halfway between anger and awe. Sometimes, she cries about pugs.

  • alee60_SU22_KissOFF


    After BARD HARDER!, my partner and I wanted to make another game. We estimated it would take about 2 months, but – heartbreakingly – that was back in 2021. We released a free playable demo last year, and are working toward a 2023 release! I’m making all of the art and doing some programming for this project.

  • alee60_SU22_TertiaTarot

    Tertia Tarot

    I’ve been playing in a D&D campaign for the past four years with some friends, and designing characters for the game has been a constant source of joy. These tarot cards have been a favorite personal project, and I’m hoping to finish a full set of the major arcana soon.

  • alee60_SU22_BardHarder


    BARD HARDER! is a tabletop-inspired visual novel game about saving your friends from the Big Bad Evil Guy by using your strongest weapon: romance! If you’ve ever wanted a skeleton lord to fall in love with you, this game is for you. My favorite reviews include “This game gives me serotonin” and “it’s sapphic and it slaps.”

  • alee60_SU22_IDontLikeThisEnding

    I Don't Like This Ending

    One morning I woke up and decided I wanted to be sad and so I wrote a play about a girl who falls so deeply in love with a video game character that she breaks the rules of reality to bring her back to life. This is a cover illustration that goes with that text.

  • alee60_SU22_JustBori

    Just Bori (excerpt)

    Our dog Bori lives in Korea with my mom. I collaborated on a picture book with her (my mom, not Bori – although honestly, I should credit both of them) and here is a short excerpt. Wuff wuff!