Bio pic of Sean Mac

Sean Mac

Cartoonist & Illustrator

Howdy! My name is Sean Mac and I am a cartoonist and illustrator in Chicago. I am in love with creating fun stories about colorful characters and printing them using a risograph. I am a big fan of the Punky DIY way of creating zines, and mini comics and sharing them anyway imaginable. I like creating cute and fluffy stories as well as creepy and crunchy stories. Monsters and skeletons alongside chubby bears and little Nubby boys. My hope with my work is to create a giggle, smile, or excitement with finely crafted, and expressive risograph printed books. 

  • Beetles Battle

    Beetle’s Battle

    Orange and Blue print created for Riso. Drawn with pencil and ink and colored in Photoshop. Beetle is the name of the little dude in the corner. He’s inside the Mecha shooting a bunch of gobbery aliens.


  • Smcinerney_SU21_BuppytheCavemanEndPage

    Buppy the Caveman

    Three color end page for Buppy the Caveman risograph comic book. Buppy the Caveman is on the dino’s head gazing up at the stars because he just met a nice Alien friend. 


  • Smcinerney_SU21_UhOh


    3 color design created for Risograph print. Cute little fly stuck in a spider’s web. Eek!

  • Smcinerney_SU21_ZeMeanPhillipe

    Ze Mean Phillipe

    Spread for 2 page comic about ze Mean Phillipe. Cooking extraordinaire!