Erin McNichol

Mixed Media Artist & Educator

Erin McNichol is a mixed media artist and educator with a background in corporate advertising and public relations. She sells her art by commission and her work has appeared on the cover and pages of the travel book Living In Luxembourg (14th edition) as well as at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg’s traveling embassy exhibit “Business Abstract”(2002) A frequent juried artist at Chester County and Brandywine Festival of the Arts, Erin spent three years as a studio artist at the Delaware Contemporary just before entering into the education sector. 

Erin is a graduate of Penn State’s School of Communications (Advertising) and teaches art and innovation to grades K-12 as well as a college-level Entrepreneurism elective (University of DE) at Ursuline Academy in Delaware. Erin grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and has lived for six years in Luxembourg, Europe. Her TedX talk “Animal Sounds and Other Tales that Teach shares many expat adventures. She is currently completing her fifteenth year teaching kids that it is OK to make mistakes if you learn from them. She aspires to create visual language that inspires young minds.

  • fish-market

    Fish Market

    This subject is dear to me because it’s based on a photo I snapped back in high school during a trip to Spain. We are going back in time here.   I did it on cardboard and this added to the aged feeling. I love the feeling of it, people moving in all directions, selling oranges and fish wrapped in newspaper, the heat of the day

  • Ruedes Capucins

    Ruedes Capucins

    This work shows my favorite street in Luxembourg where we lived for 6 years when we were all young.  It’s a pedestrian only street and the Bourkel Market displays of fruit are so pristine and perfect.  The kiosk to the far right shows the story of when the Grand Duke was transferring power to his son and also when the euro was replacing the currency of Luxembourg.

  • table

    Own Your Outcome

    This is part of a triptych that was commissioned by a client who wanted the phrase “Own Your Outcome” embedded in each piece.  Because he works in real estate investment and property management, I decided to feature interiors that were newly moved into with all the promise that comes with that.  

  • Nadine


    This is one of my favorite works because it features ripped paper, I love the act of ripping and tearing materials to add to figures or sketches. The texture resolves  the piece.  I still keep in touch with Nadine (PSU friend) via social media.  

  • Face to face

    Face to Face Wilmington

    This is part of a series called  Face to Face where I introduce or reintroduce viewers to the public works of art often unnoticed within a city. In 2020, many of these monuments are now rightly dismantled, including two from the image above (Columbus and Caesar Rodney).  The other cities I have done are Luxembourg, Paris, Philadelphia, Chicago, Charleston and Doylestown (PA).