Amos Stillwell

Amos Stillwell

Cartoonist & Storyboard Artist

Amos Stillwell is a cartoonist and storyboard artist originally hailing from Boston, MA. He loves drawing funny faces, reading comics, and drinking medically inadvisable amounts of coffee. When he isn’t shamelessly drawing superhero fan art, Amos loves to caricature the ridiculousness of life in comic strips. With each strip, Amos intends to not escape from reality, but to understand it more and gain a sense of humor about it. He studied Film at Emerson College and graduated with B.A. in 2017. Since then he’s been living in Los Angeles, working as a freelance artist and teaching art to students on the autism spectrum.


  • Fathers Day

    Father’s Day

    This was based on a photo of me with my dad back in the day. Sometimes it’s nice to draw a present for someone.


  • Girl in the window

    Girl in the Window

    This was based off of one of my neighbor’s houses growing up. I always thought the house looked spooky, especially in the winter time.


  • Skater Girl

    Skater Girl

    This girl is just too cool for school.


  • Artist drinking coffee

    The Artist Sipping

    Who is this gangly man sipping coffee?

  • Boy and dog

    Boy and Dog

    My dog is angry and wants to be fed. But I’m too busy reading comics.