Rafael Pearl

Illustrator & Cartoonist

Rafael Pearl was a speaking orangutan that had been kept in the San Diego zoo for several years starting in 2003. In 2008 it was discovered that Rafael was not actually an orangutan but was, in fact, a very lumpy and very lazy man. He was posthumously deified and is a central figure in ancient Welsh mythology. 

No, I lied. None of that was true. I am just very shy, you see. The real truth is that I am a simple dude inspired by folklore, comic books and television shows. I grew up drawing comics and cartoons and would like to go out drawing comics and cartoons. I love my Mom and Dad very much.


  • The Spider King

    The Spider King

    An excerpt from a longer piece titled “The Spider-King”. The character faces the consequences of earlier actions.

  • The Battle Hippo

    The Battle Hippo

    The Battle Hippo: An excerpt from a longer piece titled “The Battle Hippo”. The character, Rafiki, reads at a first grade level and has to tap out the sounds on the sign.

  • The Professional

    A Professional

    An excerpt from a longer piece about the world’s best hitman, Mr. Hide-and-Seek. He is a professional.

  • Chick of Legend

    Chick of Legend

    A two-page excerpt from a slightly longer comic titled “The Chick of Legend”. The character, Rafiki, finds himself in another bind? Life is a rollercoaster.  


  • Sea Dogs

    Sea Dogs

    An excerpt from a longer piece titled “Sea Dogs”. Three friends try to score easy pirate treasure, but are intercepted by another crew. A member from the rival crew, a pirate named Blobulous Davies, shoots one of the friends! D: D: D: 

    But don’t worry guys, he survives