A close up photo of Susanne Reece standing outside of an old building with beige walls and brown doors on the street.

Susanne Reece

Writer and illustrator

Susanne is a Texan-New Yorker, cartoonist, and illustrator, who draws, paints, makes prints, and tells stories. Raised in Texas, she had already decided two things by the time she was 4 years old: that she wanted to be an artist and live in New York City. It was a long, circuitous route, but eventually, she accomplished both. Before settling in New York, Susanne spent approximately one million years in graduate school, studying art history, with a focus on visual narrative in Medieval and Renaissance art. She scampered down from the ivory tower to work as a copywriter in advertising.

Susanne makes comics, zines, prints, and illustrations, and works both digitally and old- school on paper, depending on the task. Her work frequently explores issues related to women and pop culture. She also likes drawing pictures of animals, because squee!

Susanne’s mentor was Andrea Tsurumi

  • Reece_illustration_ALT

    Andre Leon Talley

    Illustration of visionary fashion editor Andre Leon Talley

  • Reece_illustration_porcelain_dog

    Illustration from a series exploring color and pattern through vintage fabrics and porcelain figurines

  • Reece_Illustration_Cleopatra

    Detail from Adventures of an Armchair Traveler, a sequential narrative story
  • Reece_illustration_Diana_Vreeland

    Diana Vreeland

    Illustration of legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland