Ben Zackheim

Ben Zackheim

Social Media Manager

Ben Zackheim is an author and former game producer. His books include the Shirley Link series for middle-grade readers, The Camelot Kids for all ages, and the Relic series for adults who don’t believe in growing up. His stints at Sony, ESPN and gave him the privilege to work on titles like IceBreakers, Fantasy War and The Book of Treasures. He co-founded ReaderLinks, a tool for managing and marketing books.


  • Relic Box Set 1 by Ben Zackheim

    The Relic Box Set

    Collecting the first 3 books in the supernatural thriller series, Relic.

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    The Camelot Kids

    The cover to The Camelot Kids by Nathan Fox.

  • Zackheim_Image2

    The Camelot Kids

    An interior illustration by Ian Greenlee for The Camelot Kids.