Greyscale photo portrait of Kyle Strahm

Kyle Strahm

Comic Book Storyteller

Kyle Strahm is a best-selling artist/writer who has worked in the comic book industry for over twenty years. He is the co-creator of Twig, the biggest Image Comics launch of 2022. His other creator-owned titles include Spread, Horrorium, Into Radness, and Unearth. Having drawn, written, or edited multiple projects, Kyle has enjoyed working with nearly every major publisher in the industry. Since 2013, Kyle has been a lecturer at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Kyle is mentor to Andrew Taylor (’20) and Atheeth Madhavan (’24).

  • Twig Vol. 1

    Twig Vol. 1

  • Twig


  • Twig


  • Horrorium #1

    Horrorium #1

  • Spread Vol. 1

    Spread Vol. 1