Bob Walles Storyteller headshot.

Bobbie Walles


Bobbie Walles is a storyteller working in comedy, comics, animation and film. They have served as host/producer of the alternative comedy shows Zebro, The Moon, and Ideation. In collaboration with artist Tad Kimball, they created the animated series True Facts About the 44th President and Steven Tyler’s iPad. Their first comics work Adventures of the Moss Babies made its debut at Emerald City Comic Con where it was picked up for distribution by Comixology.

Since migrating to NYC with their Boston-based comedy troupe, Bobbie has worked in almost every aspect of creative production. As a props and set builder, Bobbie fulfilled their dream of working for companies like adult swim and The Onion. As a full-time copywriter, they provided a comedic voice to brands like SpaghettiOs, Swanson and Campbell’s, among many others. As a commercial director, Bobbie helmed projects for DraftKings, National Retail Federation and more. In recent years, they have focused on creator-owned comic books and the incredible creative freedoms that self-publishing can provide.

Bobbie mentored Michael Sheinkopf (Class of 2020)

  • Parking the Moose music video


    A face-melting music video to promote Dave Hill’s kick-ass comedic memoir “Parking the Moose” from Penguin Random House Canada.
  • Bob Walles Adventures of the Moss Babies


    Based on a year’s worth of weekly tabletop adventures, this wildly successful zine also features artwork from Batman illustrator Becky Cloonan.
  • Steven Tyler's iPad


    An animated series focusing on an aging man’s difficult relationship with technology. Each segment screened at a live show featuring some of NYC’s finest comedians. WATCH