Cady Juarez

I grew up in Midwestern suburbia. I was sheltered until the time I reached college and took some creative writing and art classes. I’ve always been fascinated by animals; I think they are more human than we believe, and I love playing with emotion through the characters I create. Since I was a child, I’ve had a vision in my head of this graphic novel, which I have been working toward since I was a small child. I’ve read comics since I was in elementary school, and I remember being drawn to each panel; I spent hours in front of the TV watching characters come to life, and I’ve always told myself that some day I would bring my own characters to life. All of my work is an expression of my Aztec roots as well as a blur between my own personal fantasy world, and the reality that I exist in currently.

  • Juarez Sol

  • LUlhoa

  • Magic and Niles

  • Tazbian Federation