Alexandra Beguez

Illustrator, Cartoonist & Mythographer

Alexandra Beguez is an illustrator, cartoonist and mythographer based in New Jersey. She has a love for bright colors, science fiction, hoofed beasts, potatoes and cautionary tales. Her comics and illustrations appear in Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Quarter Moon, Ink Brick and Carboncito. She has received an Honorable Mention from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Illustration West 53 and a 2014 MoCCA Arts Festival Award of Excellence, as well as having work featured in the Society of Illustrators 2015 Comic and Cartoon Annual. Recently, her work was chosen to be included on Latin American Ilustración 4’s online collection, The ARCHIVE.

Alex’s mentor was Julia Potts.

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    Alien Raver in Slumberland

    Part of the Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream anthology, a tribute to Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo in Slumberland strip.

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    This melancholic tale is inspired by selkie folklore.


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    This tale of spring, inspired by an Algonquin story of creation, depicts the cycle of life.

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    The Cat Pack

    An homage to the strong, intelligent and beautifully mutated women of X-men and the cat lovers among them.

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    The Last Supper

    Komodo Dragon invites some of his best friends over for a homemade feast… to their horror.