Nadia DeLane

Visual Storyteller

Inspired by diasporic consciousness, Nadia DeLane’s visual storytelling embodies diversity and variation. Through color, her collage works and films communicate the complexity of cosmopolitan identities, domesticity and emotional stasis. For over fifteen years DeLane has independently produced written and visual content for web and print media. DeLane is based in Brooklyn, New York.

  • DeLane_Image1

    Carmen and her Ball

    Animation Production Still: Spilt Milk the film

  • DeLane_Image5-web

    Carmen and her Kite

    Animation Production Still: Spilt Milk the film

  • DeLane_Image3-web

    Carmen Awakened

    As Carmen awakens from a deep sleep, she is confronted with her new reality.

  • DeLane_Image4-web

    The Clear One's Nightmare

    Carmen and the Clear One’s nightmares are the result of sudden separation.