Black and white bio pic of Kelli Prizner

Kelli Prizner

Illustrator, Animator and Comic Artist

Kelli Prizner is an illustrator, animator, and comic artist born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, where she currently resides.

Kelli attended Edinboro University and graduated in 2018 with a BFA in traditional animation. At Edinboro, Kelli also took classes in computer animation, stop motion animation, photography, filmmaking, painting, and theatre. Though she is primarily an illustrator, Kelli loves to explore many types of art and find ways to incorporate those techniques into her own work.

Kelli works as a freelance illustrator specializing in background design and concept art for animated media. She also produces her own webcomics and plans to publish graphic novels as well. She takes a lot of inspiration from her favorite media as well as her personal experiences, aiming to tell stories with lots of heart and personality at their core.

Outside of art, some of Kelli’s favorite hobbies include cosplay, video games, going to coffee shops, traveling, and pointing out any dog she sees.

  • 2kprizner_SU23_EvergreenHouse1

    The Evergreen House, page 1. First page of the prologue for “The Evergreen House,” a paranormal mystery comic.

  • 2kprizner_SU23_EvergreenHouse2

    The Evergreen House, page 2. Second page of the prologue for “The Evergreen House,” a paranormal mystery comic.

  • 2kprizner_SU23_BrooklynStreet

    Brooklyn Street. An establishing shot of an empty road in Brooklyn for my webcomic, “The Corner of Smoke and Mirrors.”

  • 2kprizner_SU23_NovemberDate

    November Date. An illustration of two characters on a date, based on my webcomic, “The Corner of Smoke and Mirrors.”

  • 2kprizner_SU23_EvergreenHouseConcepts

    The Evergreen House Character Concepts. Explorations of Mikolaj and Ricki, the ghost and human main characters (respectively) of “The Evergreen House.”

    A page of illustrated concepts of teenage characters. One person has curly strawberry hair. The other has black, straight, long hair.