A black and white pic of Taylor Sanches '24

Taylor Sanchez

Illustrator & Storyteller

My name is Taylor Sanchez. I have a passion for writing intriguing, captivating stories that deliver a personal message for all audiences. My characters appeal to a spectrum of emotion and provide inspiration. I see myself developing stories an audience can submerge themselves within for hours. Since I was five-years-of-age, using all types of mediums to include finger painting, clay molding entire villages, drawing, sketching, painting, and the creative use of grocery store green produce twist ties. My life goal is to send out into the world inspiring content that will cultivate personal empowerment and motivate change towards personal improvement that I hope will ripple into community and environmental goodwill.

With a BFA in Studio Arts, Graphic Design and the focused passion to write marvelous stories. I am ready and very excited to begin my MFA for the Visual Narrative course!

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    Yvette is a character I have created in a story I’ve been working on over the years titled Reboot. A story about restoring humanity which results in restoring the earth. It takes place after an apocalyptic nuclear war, a tale where survival cities could either be safe havens or hell pits. People gifted with divine super powers compelled to heal the earth while being challenged left and right by malevolent and corrupt powers. Yvette is one of the important side characters that interact with and help guide the main characters throughout the story. She is known as “The Living Arc” because she was instructed by God to devour the actual Arc of the Covenant, which gave her the power and knowledge of His Word. 

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    Mykal is a main character in my Reboot story. This drawing of her is a before and after of her. Before, she was once one of the top researchers of her survival city, the medical city Errordise (error-dice). A city where many wear fine pieces of jewelry, yet it’s not to display wealth or class. The jewelry indicates what your “error/flaw” is medically. So those with less jewelry have better health than those who have any. However, once she discovered a horrible secret, she ran away with an individual she rescued. She was then blessed with the spirit of Saint Michael, the Arc Angle. Which gave her the fighting skill and wisdom to help protect survivors out in the wilderness. 

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    A piece that I did in my acrylic painting class. The assignment theme was space and perspective. I had a photo of these mirrors that displayed a perfect example of the theme! I wanted to capture every detail and make the painting look like you could walk into it and see the depth in the mirrors.

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    I had a fun time creating this piece. There is a Greek myth I remembered learning from my childhood years about Pandora’s Box. How all the evil creatures dispersed into the world after she opened it. Yet there was one creature that left the box last who could help protect the people against these foul creatures. It was small, but its light shone bright that the evil monsters feared it – Hope.