Black and white photo of Srobana Bhattacharya '24

Srobana Bhattacharya

Educator & Illustrator

Srobana Bhattacharya is an educator and illustrator. She teaches political conflict and is particularly interested in exploring and creating graphic novels that tell stories emanating from such conflicts. She is also interested in children’s book illustration on varied topics including fantasy and whimsy.

Srobana teaches at Georgia Southern University. She grew up in India and has lived in Kolkata, Delhi, Carbondale, Statesboro and now Savannah. Srobana is currently working on a graphic novel about refugees and a children’s book about Lily and her dog Snowy.

  • sbhattacharya3_SU22_Nora and her friends

    Nora and her friends

    This is part of my children’s book project. This is not a fully developed story yet. I took elements from various existing fairy tales to come up with a different take and view on combining the fantasy worlds and stories. 

  • sbhattacharya3_SU22_Leaving Home

    Leaving Home

    This is a one page comic that I did recently. Leaving home in India for higher studies in the United States was a huge moment for me, on one hand it was exciting and on the other hand, I felt profound sadness at leaving my loved ones behind. I wanted to capture that emotion in this comic.

  • sbhattacharya3_SU22_Where do I belong

    Where do I belong?

    This is a page from my graphic novel, ‘Where do I belong?’ This is a story of a young boy and his family as they become refugees because of state sponsored violence against minorities in their country. This page shows how the boy is standing amidst a sea of people, afraid and lost.

  • sbhattacharya3_SU22_Circus_find the spotted dog

    Circus: Can you find the spotted dogs?

    This is part of my hidden objects series. This series is a part of my children’s book projects. In this colorful image of a circus, I have a spotted dog. Hope you can find it.

  • sbhattacharya3_SU22_Find the frogs in the world of mushrooms

    Find the Frogs in the world of Mushrooms

    This is also part of my hidden objects series. This is slightly different, instead of finding one specific thing, I include ten of the same item. Can you find ten frogs?