Mariana Tapia

Comic Book Artist & Storyteller

Mariana is a storyteller and comics illustrator from Mexico City. She currently lives in California, where she makes comics, children’s books, not-great ceramics, and silkscreen printing. 

Before making art, Mariana was a Political Scientist, and now she tries to combine both. For her, personal stories are always impacted by the social context and the political changes around us. Some issues that she likes to talk about are immigration, healthcare, and gender equality. 

She loves big cities, walks in the park, museums, and good food. 

She is a dog person and also a proud cat lady. 

  • ss

    Mexico City Diary

    A personal narrative about visiting my home city and the ambivalent feelings a city like Mexico can bring. 

  • ee

    Peace with the Pain

    Page from a short graphic memoir about undiagnosed chronic pain and learning to deal with something that might never go away. 

  • ccc

    “Hellcare” System

    An illustration mixing facts and humor of the situations one can face while navigating the American health care system.  Being a foreigner, I was impressed (and very frustrated) by how difficult it is to access healthcare in the United States, so I started educating myself about how it works and why it is so complicated. I still have a lot to understand but on the bright side, I gathered a lot of jaw-dropping facts that inspired this work.

  • xxxxxx


    Feminicidio is a term created in Mexico to define the killing of women and girls by men. Around 10 women and girls are killed every day in Mexico and many activists claim this has become a public health issue. This comic is a reflection of the prevalence of violence against women in Mexican society.

  • zzzz

    Portrait of my mom

    A personal illustration exploring different digital coloring techniques. Based on my mother’s school photo.