Black and white pic of Hahn Zhang '24

Hahn Zhang

Illustrator & Painter

Hahn is an illustrator and signed painter, who is also a member of the Chaozhou Artists Association. He served as the long-term signed painter and provided high quality works for the ZIP Gallery in ShenZhen. His printed series of works were among the best-seller list of the gallery. Hahn is interested in all things mysterious or weird, and likes grotesque art styles. He is proficient in needle pen, acrylic marker and digital painting. He graduated from the Art College of NanChang Hangkong University with a bachelor’s degree in animation and game design. After he graduated ,he worked as a character designer for a game company for a while. During this period of work, he found that the emotions and desires of expression in his heart were driving him on the path of self-creation. Therefore, he is still  on the road of  exploring the language at the bottom of his heart, to speak for him, to deliver what he feels.

  • oo

    Running Brain

    When you fall asleep, your brain fleas and brings dreams for you, run away from annoying mosquitoes and the sound of generators in the building.

  • aa

    Every Dog Has its Day

    Emotions are always flowing, whether it is sadness, anger, or happiness, when they come they hit the brain like steaming heat, and when they go they dissipate in the air like smoke, so don’t take it too seriously, just let them float.

  • ttt


    Ferryman is an ancient profession that faded from the public eyes, Their job is to pick up the corpse from the river, and pray for the souls to rest in peace. A profession that often deals with death and corpse like this is very misfortune in people’s images. As time goes by, they were gradually forgotten by people. 

    So, I think some professions silently pay for things like this, but there is no perspective to pay attention to them in our mainstream world, so I want to speak for them.

  • y


    During the outbreak of the coronavirus-19 people knew so little about the virus, and the unknown and fear full fill almost everyone’s mind. The information we see on the internet is about the symptoms of the virus and the news of human death from infection with this virus. Then some people even trigger disease phobia because of this information. They begin to panic, and the nervousness causes a disturbance in the body’s functions their bodies are fine, but their thoughts are already infected by the information about viruses.

  • yy

    Take A Rain Check

    Take a rain check is one of the paintings in the ‘Sang Culture’ series. Sang is the Chinese word for “depressing”, and is a popular word among young people in Asian societies, which to some extent, reflects a general tone of contemporary city life

  • ii

    Turbid Current

    Desire is just like a colorful turbidity current and a squid, the turbidity current erodes your heart, and the squid twine your mind sticky and slippery.