Anton Campbell

Animator & Educator

My name is Anton Campbell. I’m a New Jersey animation artist and arts educator with the goal of improving the work as well as the self. 

As an educator my path is the same as my students. How do we get those lines to agree? What? You’ve never made a bad drawing before? Let’s discuss. Maybe the way to reach a new place in those skills is sharing knowledge and the continued ability to inspire each other through creative works. 


I want to talk about you. I want to talk about me. I want to talk about us. I want to talk to you about us in a shared history of humanity. How culturally we find the splinters that give us our best and our worst. I want to share who I am with the goal that in this interaction,  we can understand each other better. 

Where do we relate? Where do we differ? What is the beauty of that interaction? 

Afterwards is the combination of all thoughts, feelings, and ideals married to craft so someone somewhere else can enjoy it. Whether it be visual, audible, literal, or spiritual: I seek to tell it and tell it well.

  • acampbell39_SU22_BFFs


    This was a gift to a friend and her friend because someone made a comment about mermaid hair. If you make comments around me and I see a drawing in it,  I’ll draw it. Don’t test me. I’ll do it, every time.  

  • acampbell39_SU22_Tron_Bonne

    Tron Bonne by way of Lagann

    It’s Tron Bonne in a giant robot with a sprinkle of Gurren Lagann. What is she and the Bonne family up to this time? Who knows…

  • acampbell39_SU22_Still_Pitch

    Still Pitch

    This is a still from a pitch animation to test lighting and color in  Toon Boom Harmony. 

  • acampbell39_SU22_InkyBunnyCakes


    Drawing of model ‘Inky’ from our many collaborations. The mission is to combine all that is anatomy, personality, and story into a single moment.

  • acampbell39_SU22_Kenyatta


    Model Kenyatta from a virtual figure drawing session. It’s important to stay sharp in your figure drawing and I’m very fortunate to draw such cool people.