Althea Flores

Illustrator & Lettering Designer

Althea is an illustrator and lettering designer based in Kansas City, Missouri. At this life stage, she is interested in exploring personal narrative as a vehicle for advocacy. She tells coming-of-age stories that explore universal childhood experiences, neurodivergent self-acceptance, Filipino-American identity, and trauma. Her passion for children’s education, theatre, music, observational sketchbooks, and photography often aid this creative process. Althea received her BFA with an emphasis in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute and currently serves as a mentor for City Year KC.

  • Aflores22_SU22_BananaSlug

    Banana Slug

  • Aflores22_SU22_HotelChernihiv

    Hotel Chemihiv

  • Aflores22_SU22_MotorTricycle

    Motor Tricycle

  • Aflores22_SU22_SurvivingInSecrecy

    Surviving in Secrecy

  • Aflores22_SU22_WelcomeHome

    Welcome Home