Headshot of Xuan He.

Handowin Xuan He

Illustrator, Social Media/Digital Expert

Handowin He is an award-winning author-illustrator based in New York City and Shanghai. Her inveterate YOLO spirit drove her to jump out of the brand marketing industry to enter the illustration industry in 2019, where she quickly earned a prestigious list of illustration collaborations including brands, media, and children’s book publications. She is also the recipient of Int’l Motion Art Awards 8 Selected Winner, 2020 World Illustration Awards Shortlist, Bolognia Children’s Book Illustrator Virtual Wall etc.

Handowin has a strong desire to create storytelling artworks in which spectators experience a whimsical world that is weaved together by her funky soul.

In addition, Handowin is a zine-maker and contributor to independent publications. In the past few years, she participated in many art book fairs, illustration fairs, and zine fests throughout the world. She hopes to bring unusual, creative perspectives on the world and unique illustrations through her visualized stories.

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