Mary Georgescu outside on a road next to grass and trees.

Mary Georgescu

Game Designer

Mary Georgescu designs analog (boardgames, ttrpgs, card games), digital, and large physical/experimental games. She’s the founder and owner of Haiduc LLC, and an active freelancer on small indie projects that require art/design, layout, writing, animation, sound effects or voice acting. She is always interested in pursuing collaborations that focus on narrative at their core.

  • SkeletonSong_cover

    Skeleton Song, 2019

    Skeleton Song, 2019,
    A Scream World Jam submission by Jacqueline Bryk with layouts and illustrations by Mary. Won Host’s Choice for Best Game.

  • hands1

    Mapping the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017

    Mapping the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2017, using laser cut rings to create your own portable jewelry map and generate pathways based on where the water sources in the museum were, using chains abstractly as walkways.
  • paranormal_minstrels

    Paranormal Minstrels

    Paranormal Minstrels, co-written with Ray Olsen with Illustrations by Minerva Fox, was published by The Gauntlet as part of Codex Bone.

  • haiduc coin

    Haiduc LLC's logo

    Haiduc LLC’s logo designed and illustrated by Mary Georgescu.