Andrea Schmitz

Motion Graphics Designer & Animator

Andrea Schmitz is a New York-based motion graphics designer and animator by day, baker by evening, writer by night, and sound designer by appointment. Professionally she has created everything from animated short films to graphics for standardized tests. Andrea can often be found researching current animated shows at her work desk and creating art based on wordplay only she finds funny. She is currently focusing on character animation and rigging in AfterEffects.

Andrea’s mentor was Nick Cross.

  • SCHMITZ_Image2

    The Boiling Point

    Karl, the captain of a flying ship, holds mob boss “The Lobster” at gunpoint, demanding his long overdue payment. The pressure mounts as his desperation increases and a storm finally catches up to him.
    MFA Visual Narrative, NO-ON Project, Summer 2014
  • littlebird

    Little Bird

    A little bird I designed and animated to test facial animation.
  • StyleSchool2

    Style School

    A rejected title sequence for a fashion series that I nonetheless enjoyed making characters for.
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    Citizen Primer: Deficits and the National Debt

    I designed and animated this animated infographic for Citizen Primer. Citizen Primer is a series of short videos explaining government functions that are poorly understood by the public. Northwestern University, Spring 2014

    Project Video

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    3rd Stanza, "The Raven"

    Part of a series of illustrations for each stanza of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.” MFA Visual Narrative, SVA, Fall 2014

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    A black and white drawing representing curiosity. MFA Visual Narrative, SVA, Summer 2014