Photograph of Alexandra Beguez

Alexandra Beguez

Illustrator & Cartoonist

Alexandra Beguez is an illustrator and cartoonist who explores complex ideas by telling stories with a bit of whimsy. Themes such as loneliness, overcoming hardship, unconventional relationships, and her family’s immigrant history informs much of her work. Select clients include The Brandywine Museum of Art, Buzzfeed, The Nib, BOOM! Studios, The Believer Magazine, Longreads, Chronicle Books, Abrams Books, The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, Locust Moon Press, and AMMO Magazine. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, Latin American Ilustración, 3×3, and Creative Quarterly.

Alex’s mentor was Julia Potts.

  • Cayo-Cruz-comic

    Cayo Cruz

    Wrote and illustrated a 6 page comic published in The Believer Magazine narrating the time my mom and her office coworkers were taken to work at a garbage processing plant for a day in 1960s Cuba. Link to read comic:


  • Guantanamo_Voices_Comic

    Guantanamo Voices

    Guantanamo Voices, written by Sarah Mirk, collects interviews from 10 people whose lives were inextricably affected by their time and proximity to the infamous prison, including former prisoners, lawyers, social workers, and service members. I illustrated Matthew Diaz’s chapter, a military officer and lawyer who while working at the prison made the extremely difficult decision to leak the names of Guantanamo detainees. Published by ABRAMS Books. Link to read chapter:

  • hysteria-comic


    One diagnosis fits all! If you’re a woman. Illustrated a comic about the history of hysteria and sexism in medicine. Written and edited by Sarah Mirk. Published by The Nib. Link to read comic:
  • Housing and Health Equity: What’s the Connection?

    Housing and Health Equity: What’s the Connection?. Illustrated a series of 10 images for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in a loose narrative describing how the quality of housing and condition of our neighborhoods affect our health. This series was accepted into the Society of Illustrators 62 exhibition and book.