Louisa Bertman

Illustrator & Animator

Louisa Bertman tells social and political story through visual mediums including illustration and moving pictures. Clients include New York TImes, Village Voice, Wall Street Journal, POLITICO, The New Republic, The Progressive, The Nation, BUST, etc.

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    Eman al-Obeidy (Iman al-Obeidi) speaks for us.

    March 26, 2011. TRIPOLI, Libya — An incredibly courageous Libyan woman burst into the Rixos Hotel housing the foreign press on Saturday morning in an attempt to tell journalists that she had been raped and beaten by members of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s Militia. After struggling for nearly an hour to resist removal by Colonel Qaddafi’s security forces, she was dragged away from the hotel screaming. Her name is Iman Al-Obeidi. This animation was a piece I created out of feeling absolutely helpless sitting at home watching this horrific news. At the time of creating this piece no one had heard from her or knew of her whereabouts after being dragged away. Iman al-Obeidi (Eman al-Obeidy) risked everything to speak out about what happened to her. I wanted to make sure her voice wasn’t silenced. She speaks for us.

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    A journey through feminin exploration

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