Jacob Atom Reilly

Author & Illustrator

Jacob Atom Reilly is an author, illustrator, occultist, comparative mythologist, basket weaver, cobbler, leopard seal trainer, master hatter, and amateur marine archeologist who left an overwhelmingly lucrative career in musical theatre to pursue a more respectable position in the comic book industry.

Mr. Reilly is always cold, so offering him a sweater or a nice warm blanket (particularly afghans – he loves crochet) is a good opener. If he smiles, bearing his teeth, please do NOT be captivated by his brilliance, for this is a sign he is preparing to attack.

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    Theatre Headshot ca. 2008

    This is representative of a flipbook associated with the interactive project, This is My Memory of First Heartbreak, Which I Can’t Quite Piece Back Together. The piece is a graphic memoir that articulates a memory the way that a memory should be told: dynamically, non-linearly, and acknowledging the expansive nature of a single, highly emotional moment from the past.

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    Aquatigraphica Tribute to Charlie Hebdo 2015

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    Panel from Aquatigraphica issue 0

  • JAR_sitephoto_5-web

    Panel from Aquatigraphica issue 0