Ivory Nuñez-Medrano


Ivory Nunez-Medrano is a New York City based illustrator, who enjoys creating images through the combination of traditional (old-school) techniques and materials, with digital image editing software. His works often touch socio-political, surreal and absurd issues in contemporary or futuristic societies.

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    You Are In Bowelia

    An introduction to Bowelia, the lower section of Someday City, where my story/thesis takes place.

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    There Goes Daniel

    Daniel is the protagonist of my thesis Internal Matter, he drives a methane powered vehicle to provide plumbing services to the residents of Bowelia.

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    Gastralia and Bowelia

    If Bowelia is the lowest section of Someday City, Gastralia is a more developed place, and more fitted to human needs. The Ministry of Sewage (a military-plumbers’ corp) is located in this essential section of the city.