Headshot of Fei Fei Ruan.

Feifei Ruan

Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Visual Storyteller

Feifei Ruan is a Chinese illustrator and comic artist based in New York City. Her works can be seen on book covers, magazines, and murals. Her clients include Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, and BuzzFeed.

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  • 03_Ruan_LumberJanes

    Book Cover: LUMBERJANES

  • 04_Ruan_AdventureTime

    Book Cover: ADVENTURE TIME

  • 05_Ruan_Wissen

    Magazine Cover: HOMO SAPIENS

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    Comic: Welcome to Chinatown

    Ming is a 9-year-old student. He was born in America and grew up in Chinatown. Ming’s father Chan is a single parent who raised Ming by running a barbershop in Chinatown. However, Ming is on bad terms with his father because of Chan’s gambling habit. After owing a large amount of debt, Chan is caught by the local kingpin, Mo. The mobsters thought they also caught Ming, but they actually took Kevin — Ming’s American classmate who was just dropping by. On his way to rescue Chan and Kevin, Ming is stopped by a menacing woman who suddenly appears and demands to see his father…

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    Illustration: Leave NYC Alone!

    Blasted by UFOs, wrecked by monsters, frozen-over and flooded, New York City has been destroyed on screen more than any other place in the world. A look at some of the landmarks of a city in ruins.

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