Anna Eveslage

Photographer & Visual Storyteller

Anna Eveslage is a photographer and writer, currently living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She uses images and words together to tell stories about people, both through static and time-based works. While her stories are fictional, they focus on the shared emotional truth of what it means to be human. With a working style that is centered on attention to detail and meticulous planning, her work lives in the place where fiction and theater intersect with photography.

  • AEveslage_image2


    Excerpt from “Eating Alone” photo book

  • AEveslage_image3


    Excerpt from “Eating Alone” photo book

  • AEveslage_image4


    Opening frame from short still film, “Frank”

  • AEveslage_image5

    Atari Kid

    Static image, inkjet print of a digital photograph