Narrative Writing Podcasts | Anna Eveslage, Instructor

Over the course of the summer, students from the Class of ’25 developed one common narrative as a class. With a focus on how language and sound can be used as imagery to achieve narrative goals, the students worked in small groups to tell the entire story through four separate podcast segments. Each segment tells one part of the story—taking it through beginning, middle, and end. While these segments must link into one cohesive narrative, the groups could design their podcast segments in whatever style they chose.

Hearsay – Chapter 1 | Dina El-Aziz, Olivia Gehrke, Haelee Lim, Meng Yang

Hearsay – Chapter 2 | Alex M Lee, Bryce Davidson, Emma Merrick, Alex Rodriguez

Hearsay – Chapter 3 | Indra Fonseca, Andrew Kupferman , Kelli Prizner, Roger Zheng

Hearsay – Chapter 4 | Lisa Cheong, Paris Jerome, Yawen Zhang