Photo of Nathan Fox as he reviews a student's project on an iPad.

MFA Visual Narrative | Spring 2023 Dates & Events

We have a packed season coming up. Here are some important dates to note this spring:

February 12th | Second round review deadline. Submit your application.

February 15th | Q&A session with Nathan Fox, Chair

March 15th | Q&A Session with Nathan Fox, Chair

April 1st – 2nd | Come visit us at MoCCA 2023 Arts Fest in NYC on April 1-2nd. We will be at tables 112-117 along with our RisoLAB, featuring demos and a wide range of work being sold by students, alumni, and Artists-in-Residency. Tickets and info here.

April 7th | The final round application deadline for Summer of 2023. 

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