‘We Made This’ 2023 Thesis Exhibition

Join us for the Class of 2023’s Thesis Exhibition, ‘We Made This.’ Enjoy stories spanning media from comics to animation, and documentary film to picture books.

SVA Gramercy Gallery
209 E. 23 Street
New York, NY

Gallery Hours
July 13 – July 25, 2023
Monday – Saturday
10 AM – 6 PM

July 21, 2023
5 PM – 7:30 PM

RSVP required:

Select screenings of two thesis films during the reception, followed by Q&A
6 PM – 6:45 PM.

“Blitzar Park” by Mariah Plakas – Animatic pilot episode (10min)
“What We Discover Along the Way” by Rose Vincelli Gustine – Documentary film (25min)

“It’s been ten years since the start of the MFA Visual Narrative program. These nine students represent the ninth graduating class. They also represent a fantastic evolution of visual storytelling within this program. What is integral is still integral. Whether they are a writer who is an artist, or an artist who is a writer, they are all storytellers.

As this program has changed, grown, become more itself, the same is true for this year’s graduating class. They’ve honed their style, their voice, their vision – together. They took an individual sport and made it a team effort; getting each other past the blocks and the battles. Helping each other believe. Helping each other take the big risks that led to the original, surprising, and captivating stories that are exhibited here.

The connection that this group of artists has is palpable in their work (friendship and community are common themes), as is what makes them wholly their own. We sail the high seas, watch aliens overcome alienation, find purpose, find community, and find jokes. We explore other lands and alternate realities. And we do it through a range of mediums from comics to animation to documentary to picture books.

This ninth graduating class is the perfect way of marking ten years of our program, not only because of the range of methods and meanings behind their work, but because of the spirit of excellent, innovative, and personal storytelling at the heart of each piece.”




We look forward to seeing you at the show!