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G. Davis Cathcart (’21) tells us about his thesis story, ‘One Eight Hundred Ghosts’

G. David Cathcart (’21) has one hell of a story for us. His thesis ‘One Eight Hundred Ghosts’  is a graphic novel about a team of art thieves who moonlight as astral projecting time travelers. Sound intriguing? Read on! And get ready for the full story at the ‘And Then…’ thesis exhibit, launching online August 6th.

We had a chance to speak with Davis about his story and process.

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What is your thesis story titled, what is it about, and what medium did you decide on?

‘One Eight Hundred Ghosts’ is a comic about time travel, astral projection, Michael Jackson, the New York City art world as it existed in the 1980’s and Telecommunication Towers.

What theme(s) do you want people to connect with?
Wrestling with my feelings on Cancel Culture was the prevailing theme of the story.

How did your mentor help you in the creation of the story?
Dilraj Mann was instrumental in helping me land on the best visual direction for my story in order to make the imagery better fit the story.

What tools did you use to create the story? 
I used Photoshop for the whole thing on my Cintiq.

If you could show your thesis story to ONLY one person, who would that be, and why?
Michael Jackson; because I think it reflects how his fans might be feeling about him.

Thanks for the chat, Davis! You can follow him on Instagram to stay up to date on this story, and all of his future creations.