Digital short stories


Story: Visualized

is the motto and mission statement of SVA’s groundbreaking MFA in Visual Narrative program, where the artist is author. From animation and video to comics and picture books, these digital short stories and their accompanying physical artwork are the culmination of the students’ work in visualizing stories that showcase their wide array of talents and distinct authorial voices.

01 Ruth: Retold by Christina Ebert

Ruth: Retold

by Christina Ebert

The Hebrew Bible's Book of Ruth gets a modern makeover in which the relationship between Ruth, a bi-racial professional dancer converting to Judaism, and her bitter ex-mother-in-law, Naomi, exposes th

02 Quench by Liz Enright


by Liz Enright

Retired fireman Franky Flint must come to terms with the tragic deaths of three coworkers before Willy, a manifestation of his guilt, convinces him to light one fire he may not be able to snuff out.

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03 Stable by Mary Georgescu


by Mary Georgescu

Yr, a stubborn millennial, embarks on a private tour of Iceland alone with a man twice her age in order to save her lifelong home and the memory of her father who disappeared.

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04 Ometeotl by Cady Juarez


by Cady Juarez

In a retelling of the Aztec creation myth, a multi-mouthed crocodile, Cipactli, struggles to fit in due to her monstrous appetite and must trust an armadillo in order to change her ways.

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05 Rich Coast by Michelle Nahmad

Rich Coast

by Michelle Nahmad

A grumpy door-to-door salesman and his easygoing assistant embark on a rugged business trip, selling fabric in the distant province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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06 Smombie by Jie Ren


by Jie Ren

Mike, a mobile-game obsessed kid, always believed his smartphone was “man’s best friend”, only to discover it’s his worst living nightmare.

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07 Wonderboy by Ella Romero


by Ella Romero

Jackson's life is turned upside-down when a strange creature delivers even stranger news to him and a selfish classmate threatens to expose his new secret for personal gain.

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08 Jane by Thomas Slattery


by Thomas Slattery

Jane follows 14-year-old Juan, an isolated kid dealing with rapidly approaching adulthood, as he reluctantly enters a world of secrets and manipulation at the hands of a charming but dangerous teen.

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